westerncarolina.jpgI came across a new blog by Dr. Bradford Sims who is the Department Head of the Construction Management Program at Western Carolina University. The initial postings on this blog provide a great introduction to “Construction Management as a College Major”.

A link to the blog can be found at:

ConstructionEducation.com Blog

A little more information on Dr. Sims can be found below (this write-up was taken from the blog link above):
“[Dr. Sims has] either worked in or in support of the Construction Industry since receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University’s Building Construction Program in May of 1990. Dr. Sims is an Associate Professor and the Construction Management Department Head in the Kimmel School of Construction Management & Technology at Western Carolina University. He is the founder of WCU’s Construction Management undergraduate and online Master of Construction Management programs. Dr. Sims and Dr. Capano were also the faculty that attracted a $10.4 million endowment from Joe Kimmel in fall 2005. Prior to joining the leadership team at Western Carolina, Dr. Sims was on a leave of absence from the University of Florida’s Building Construction Program working in The Netherlands for the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building Construction (CIB) as their Assistant Secretary General. There he was involved with organizations from all over the world and would travel to support over 50 commissions of experts performing research into all aspects of building and construction.”


fiugoldenpanthers.JPGAccording to this the article below, Florida International University has been selected to provide its vision of the house of the future. A brief excerpt from the article follows:

“Miami, FL (February 27, 2007) – Florida International University announced today its distinct honor of representing the United States as part of the Future House Community project in Beijing, China, to be located near the site of the 2008 Olympic Summer Games. It is the only university in the U.S. to be invited to participate. Not only is FIU at the forefront of technology by building an energy efficient and sustainable “Future House USA,” but the state-of-the-art house will be visited by millions of people during the Games and for years to come. The official construction opening ceremony will be held on March 16, 2007.”

FIU at the Forefront of Technology: Representing the United States
To Build Energy Efficient, Sustainable “Future House” in China

ecupirates.JPGAccording to an article by Amanda Karr from The Daily Reflector entitled, “Engineering Interest – Eggs fly, bridges bend at ECU Competition”, ECU posed a series on engineering challenges to local high school students to foster interest in the College of Technology and Computer Science (which includes a departments in construction management). You can read an excerpt from the article below:

“Christopher Sessoms smiled as he watched the wooden-stick bridge bend but not break.

It was holding the increasing load well, a tribute to the effort of Shemara Pittman, Sessoms’ 10th-grade classmate at Edgecombe Early College High School.

Amanda Karr/The Daily Reflector


ED HOWARD, left, an East Carolina University engineering professor, and Edgecombe Early College High School 10th-grader Christopher Sessoms watch a strength test of a wood-stick bridge.

Pittman was one of a half dozen middle and high school students who constructed bridges out of sticks and glue as part of East Carolina University’s first Engineering and Technology Day. The goal was to create the lightest bridge with the greatest load capacity. The bridge competition was the first of the day.

Sponsored by the ECU College of Technology and Computer Science, the morning also featured an egg drop competition, a tour of the Science and Technology Building and presentations from professors within the various departments of the college. Nucor Steel sponsored Friday’s event.

For the approximately 200 students from a dozen area schools, it was a chance to get a glimpse of what a future technology career could hold.”

According to the article entitled, USM challenges MSU’s proposal for new degree:

Mississippi State University wants to establish an undergraduate building construction science degree – but some in Hattiesburg think their plans too closely mirror a decades-old University of Southern Mississippi program that’s now available online.

The MSU proposal is one of three new program requests the state College Board could approve or deny at its monthly meeting this week.”

clemsontigers.JPGAccording to an article at Clemson University’s Tiger News Website, Clemson’s student design build team won first place in the regional ASC competition in Charlotte, NC. The team will move on to compete in the nationals.

A portion of the article can be found below:

“Clemson’s Design-Build Team extended its first place winning streak this year as members took home top honors at the annual Associated Schools of Construction (ASC)/Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) Southeast Regional Design-Build Student Competition for the third year in a row.

Construction science majors Frank Cardella, Cameron Tuckfield and Brad Nolan, along with architecture and construction science double majors Jessica Latour and Chris Monroe and architecture major Jill Hazel represented Clemson at this year’s challenge.

The competition, held in Charlotte, N.C. from October 26 to 27, brought together teams from schools such as Auburn University, Georgia Tech, Georgia Southern University, Southern Polytechnic State University, University of Florida and Western Carolina University.

At the competition, teams were presented with the same construction challenge upon arrival. This year, all teams received the project to create a design for a $4 million ultraviolet waste water treatment facility to serve as an expansion to an existing water treatment plant in Fulton County, Ga. Only 12 hours were allowed for planning and drafting the written plan which must have been promptly submitted to the judges by 8 p.m. on the evening of the first day.”

westerncarolina.jpgA few weeks ago, I posted information on the construction management scholarships available from the Kimmel Foundation. Check out the article below which highlights a Kimmel Foundation Scholarship at Western Carolina University.

New Construction Management Scholarships Announced at Western Carolina University

Scholarship specifics from Dr. Bradford Sims, who is the Western Carolina Construction Management Department Head

fiugoldenpanthers.JPGFlorida International University (#4 ranked program according to the C-School Blog Rankings) has published the following list of online construction courses that will be available in the Spring of 2007:

Spring 2007 Graduate Online Course Schedule

BCN 5626 Construction Cost Analysis and Control (Dr. Jose Faria)
Description of different types of estimating techniques in relation to different stages in a construction project. Productivity analysis, measurement of progress, and techniques of cost control are covered.

BCN 6642 Value Engineering in Construction (Dr. Yimin Zhu)
Relationship of costs to time and life cycle of construction projects, and methods to improve the economic value of construction projects.

BCN 6775 Decision and Risk Analysis in Construction (Dr. Syed Ahmed)
Techniques of decision analysis for the medium to top-level management personnel in the construction industry. Typical construction related problems that involve risk and uncertainty are studied.

BCN 6785 Adv Estimating and Bidding Strategy (Ms. Betty Bezos)
Application of computer software. Rigorous exercises in construction estimating. Cost information related to construction with applications in current practice.

BCN 6916 Developments in Construction Technologies (Dr. M. Emre Bayraktar)
Study of advanced field techniques and emerging uses worldwide. Information flow and creativity are highlighted as crucial elements which stimulate new developments.

Refer to the following link for more information: FIU Online Construction Courses