Below is a comment from a Cal Poly Pomona student that I wanted to share:

calpolypomonabroncos.JPG“First off I would like to say that I really enjoy this website! I found it a couple of days ago and I think it is excellent [Thanks]. Now to my comment…well question actually. I looked at the list you posted and wanted to know what is the difference between these schools and a Construction Engineering Technology program? I ask this because I attend Cal Poly Pomona which is accredited by the TAC of ABET, but our program looks pretty similar to those schools on the list. I would just like to know what the major differences are. Thank you in advance.”

My response is as follows:

abet-logo.JPGThe evaluation criteria for ABET engineering programs and ABET engineering technology programs can be found at the following two links:

Engineering Technology (Refer to Page 16)

Engineering (Refer to Page 9)

I will be sure to post a list of the TAC of ABET construction programs in an upcoming post. Thanks for your interest in the C-School Blog!


ACCE is a professional organization that provides accreditation for post secondary construction education programs. Refer to the following link for more information on ACCE:


A list of the accredited construction programs can be found at the following two links:

ACCE Baccalaureate Programs

ACCE Associate Programs

You can also review the current happenings at ACCE at the newsletter link below:

November 2006 Newsletter