ISUThe following information was send to me by the Iowa State Construction, Civil, and Engineering Department:

CCEE Graduate Programs Now Online!

The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering now offers two of its graduate programs – Construction Engineering and Management and Environmental Engineering completely online through Engineering Distance Education. The new online programs make it more convenient and cost-efficient than ever for professionals to attain a master’s degree or certificate. Distance education students learn from the same respected professors and in the same classes as our resident graduate students do – but from anywhere in the world. Visit the EDE website or look for our article in the upcoming the CCEE Alumni Newsletter for more information.


washingtonhusky.JPGUW Extension has recently published links to their construction engineering and construction management programs. Select link here to find out more about these programs. A brief outline of the classes (taken from the website) can be found below:


Construction, Engineering and Real Estate
Commercial Real Estate
Construction Engineering (online) – Features certificate programs in Heavy Construction Project Management; Infrastructure Construction; and Quantitative Construction Management
Construction Management
Construction Management (online)
Facility Management(online)

ISUAccording to Iowa State’s Engineering Distance Education Website:

“Iowa State University’s 100% online Construction Engineering and Management Masters Degree provides a unique blend of technical and managerial education that will help you solve problems and compete in the ever-changing construction environment.  Iowa State’s Construction Engineering and Management program has been recognized by The Associated General Contractors of America; one of only four schools in the U.S. to receive such an honor and be promoted by the AGC.

The program focuses on three components that represent the three functional areas of construction engineering and management:

  • Management Techniques
  • Construction Operations
  • Construction Methods

Students may join the program at the beginning of any semester and may take graduate courses in any order at a pace that suits their needs.  Classes are delivered online by digital video streaming.  Students may choose the day, time and location to observe the class lectures allowing for maximum flexibility.”

According to the article entitled, USM challenges MSU’s proposal for new degree:

Mississippi State University wants to establish an undergraduate building construction science degree – but some in Hattiesburg think their plans too closely mirror a decades-old University of Southern Mississippi program that’s now available online.

The MSU proposal is one of three new program requests the state College Board could approve or deny at its monthly meeting this week.”

washingtonhusky.JPGThe University of Washington is offering an online masters degree program. The classes are listed in the matrix below from the website and you can also find more information at Washington’s website for Online Graduate Program in Construction Engineering



Certificate Program* Spring 2006 Summer 2006 Autumn 2006 Winter 2007
Heavy Construction Project Management Design and Construction Law (CM 500)Environmental Regulations (CEE 599) Heavy Construction Estimating (CM 582) Construction Procurement (CM 520)Construction Operations and Productivity (CM 588) Temporary Structures (CM 580)
Infrastructure Construction Pavement Construction (CEE 596) Marine Construction (CM 584) Construction Materials (CEE 595)Utility System Construction (CM 586)
Quantitative Construction Management Statistical Fundamentals for Construction and Materials Applications (CEE 592) Computer-Aided Construction (CEE 594) Quality Control in Manufacturing (IND E 521)
Research Courses Graduate Research Report (CM/CEE 600)Research Methods in Construction (CM 598) Graduate Research Report (CM/CEE 600) Graduate Research Report (CM/CEE 600) Graduate Research Report (CM/CEE 600)

All program courses follow the UW’s academic calendar and are available for single-course enrollment (details are available on the UW Extension web site).

fiugoldenpanthers.JPGFlorida International University (#4 ranked program according to the C-School Blog Rankings) has published the following list of online construction courses that will be available in the Spring of 2007:

Spring 2007 Graduate Online Course Schedule

BCN 5626 Construction Cost Analysis and Control (Dr. Jose Faria)
Description of different types of estimating techniques in relation to different stages in a construction project. Productivity analysis, measurement of progress, and techniques of cost control are covered.

BCN 6642 Value Engineering in Construction (Dr. Yimin Zhu)
Relationship of costs to time and life cycle of construction projects, and methods to improve the economic value of construction projects.

BCN 6775 Decision and Risk Analysis in Construction (Dr. Syed Ahmed)
Techniques of decision analysis for the medium to top-level management personnel in the construction industry. Typical construction related problems that involve risk and uncertainty are studied.

BCN 6785 Adv Estimating and Bidding Strategy (Ms. Betty Bezos)
Application of computer software. Rigorous exercises in construction estimating. Cost information related to construction with applications in current practice.

BCN 6916 Developments in Construction Technologies (Dr. M. Emre Bayraktar)
Study of advanced field techniques and emerging uses worldwide. Information flow and creativity are highlighted as crucial elements which stimulate new developments.

Refer to the following link for more information: FIU Online Construction Courses


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I grew up in West Des Moines, Iowa and attended Iowa State University’s Construction Engineering Program in Ames, Iowa. During my undergraduate studies, I worked summer construction field jobs including a summer as a concrete laborer, followed by a summer as a carpentry laborer in central Iowa. My final internship jobs were in the field of construction management, when I worked for two summers in the Minneapolis division office of PCL.

After finishing up my Construction Engineering Degree in 1999, I started my full-time career with a subsidiary of Centex Construction that focuses on healthcare construction. I worked on a series of construction projects in Rochester, Minnesota for Mayo Clinic. My projects in Rochester ranged from a new 20 story facility to subterranean pedestrian tunnel extensions which allow the patients, visitors, and staff to avoid the chilly Minnesota Winters.

In 2003, I transferred with Centex to Charlotte, North Carolina to work on a children’s emergency department interior renovation at the Carolinas Medical Center. In 2004, I started a part-time correspondence Masters of Business Administration Program through the University of Florida. I completed my MBA degree in early 2006 and my business school studies gave me a new perspective on the construction industry. I have become interested in how a construction company can differentiate itself from its competitors in order to succeed. My interest in differentiation has lead me to focus on entry-level recruiting and uncovering which college construction programs are consistently producing the best entry-level construction professionals.

Now back to my career path, in 2005, I was offered a position in San Jose, California to assist a project team with a women’s and children’s center expansion. Once out in the San Francisco Bay area, a position with my current firm, Skanska USA Building, presented itself and I am currently working as a project manager on a hospital expansion project in San Jose, California for the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).