High Score on LEED AP Exam


I ran across this blog posting with study tips for the LEED AP exam. The blogger reported a score of 197 out of 200. This is the highest score I have heard of on this exam, so I thought the readers of this blog would like to know how this person studied.

Be sure to check out my study tips at:

How I Passed the LEED AP V2.2 Exam


11 Responses to “High Score on LEED AP Exam”

  1. Courtney Richardson Says:

    Hi Mr Nelson,
    I came across your site while looking for undergraduate programs in Construction Management in Canada. Could you offer me any advice in this area? I seem to have no problems finding schools in the US or UK but am struggling to find canadian schools. Thank you for your help! (If you could email me that would be GREATLY apprecaited!)

  2. Herman Durazno Says:

    Hi Courtney

    I looked at your response and question about CM programs in Canada. Canada is catching up very slow at cm education. It’s not as big as it is in the US and UK. A few programs offer it one is BCIT in British Columbia and GBC in Ontario (toronto)

    Please the attached links.



    I’m a graduate of the diploma program in construction engineering technology which was the only way of getting CM education until the bachelor program came available. The George Brown Graduate have hi demand and good starting salaries.

    hope this helps!

    Herman Durazno

  3. rance Says:


    I really hope this blog is still active because I could really use some advise about getting into green/sustainable building. I regret this may be a little long.

    I am an archaeologist by education and have found that I will not be able to continue that life. I got married a little over a year ago (something I had no plans for when I began my career as an archaeologist). I have over seven years experience in the construction industry, it was how I made my way through school and what I have turned to now that I have a sedentary lifestyle. After some conversation with my wife, I have began research into a career in the up-and-coming green/sustainable building industry. Ultimately, we would like to start a business of our own in contracting and consulting.

    The problem has come that there is not a lot out there requiring less than a four year degree, something I am not financially prepared to pursue. Is there any avenue I might be missing that may be less expensive than an MBA or Engineering degree–and a little more specific to the field than CAD classes at ITT tech? A good starting point?

    Rance McKeithen

  4. Catrina Says:

    It’s out of the bag. I was looking for a date on this post but didn’t see one..Apparently if you have already passed the test you have an option to “upgrade” so to speak. Did you end up taking the test? I am schedule for next week..yikes! All kidding aside I will be attending the courses next week which will definitely help me pass..btw Clean Edison Training Centers is a great resource..they have helped several of my Linkdn mates pass and they have all give rave reviews. I might sign up for private tutoring depending on how the course goes..plus if I don’t pass I can retake it free of charge..They have course sites all over the US

  5. Catrina Says:

    Apparently if you have already passed the test you have an option to upgrade so to speak.
    I am schedule for next week but my friend has helped me with studying and says with this resource its
    fairly easy . I will be attending the courses next week which will definitely help me pass.
    Clean Edison Training Centers is a great resource. I might sign up for private tutoring depending
    on how the course goes..plus if I dont pass I can retake it free of charge..

  6. AJ Says:

    How do we start new posts on this site? Also, are there recent contributors?

    I want to know how I could approach a career switch from City Planning/RE Development into Construction Project Management? I am currently working on my MBA and have taken Architecture courses in undergrad.


    • Daniel Leslie Says:

      Thats a good question! I myself started out as a city planner, but never had an interest in construction project management. I have some friends from grad school who would be interested in that transition though. Keep me posted. I like my city planner background and have been using it as a basis of learning LEED, and now teaching it!–Danile Leslie, LEED AP, Clean Edison Education Services, http://www.cleanedison.com

  7. Sam Says:

    I run a leed testing site at http://www.leedexcel.com. 197 is not such a unachievable score as I find out from the people taking exams at our site. I think the the USGBC scores are not absolute but scaled, so if you do relatively well on hard questions, you can get a very nice score!

  8. Dennis G. Says:

    I am currently looking to get LEED accredited. Good thing people take the time to post blogs like this. I will follow the blogs recommendation regarding the study of material. I’ll post my results in the near future.

  9. Rosh Sillars Says:

    Here is a good resource for construction education and research courses at Clemson University http://www.cicmp.org/

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