How Mark (C-School Blog Commenter) Passed the LEED V 2.2 Exam


USGBCThis comment was just received from the posting entitled, “How I Passed the LEED AP V2.2 Exam”. I thought the readers of this blog would appreciate another point of view on what to study for the test. The comments starts below:

“Just returned from the exam,…passed,…170 – no style points awarded thank goodness.

I failed my first test (165) by taking the exam lightly. I have passed all my A.R.E tests to date, I also studied sustainability as my senior project in college, so I thought how hard can this be. We don’t be fooled. One must study extensively to pass the NC v2.2 test. It is intentionally difficult due to higher rates of passes. The USGBC/GBCI have made the test more difficult in v2.2 to bring down passing rates.

I utilized the Colorado LEED Study Guide, the USGBC Reference Guide – NC V2.2, and the Flash Cards. I found the Colorado guide helpful in that is focuses on the process of certification quite a bit. This is substantial part of the test. The most important thing to do is read the reference guide. Read it cover to cover. The first time is crammed and only read intents and submittal requirements. I did not commit to memory all the percentage/threshold requirements, nor most of the other “back-ground reading”. There is a lot of embedded information in the approach/implementation segments, considerations, economic issues, resources, submittal requirements, and definitions that help you sort through the questions during the test. After reading the entire book, I took the practice exams, went over questions I got wrong and re-read sections I did poorly on. I studied the Flashcards periodically. Then the morning of the exam went over the Flashcards one last time. They do a great job in boiling down the intents and percentage thresholds.

Good Luck.”


10 Responses to “How Mark (C-School Blog Commenter) Passed the LEED V 2.2 Exam”

  1. I just found your blog and it’s fascinating. I wanted to make you aware of a construction management program (Associates Degree) at City College of San Francisco. WE have just re-designed it and we think it will be an excellent resource for students and continuing professionals alike. I would love to speak with you about the ACE program among other things and exchange ideas about potential partnerships we could form that would benefit students entering the constriction field.


  2. Teresa D. Kress Says:

    Did you use the Cascadia Flashcards?

  3. Michael / All –

    I’m scouring a multitude of sources regarding LEED and Green building initiatives, and your site came up. I am currently a Product Merchant at The Home Depot, and may be presented with an opportunity to help develop a Green/LEED group within Home Depot to help educate folks within our organization, as well as position us to help satisfy our customers current and future demands related to green building products.

    Considering your experience with LEED, what is your opinion regarding education/certification I should pursue? I do not have construction/architectural/design experience. I have a BBA in Computer Information Systems and MBA in Operations Management. I feel pursuing a LEED professional accreditation (LEED AP) is not an absolute requirement, but would be highly beneficial. Is it probable that someone with my background, both in terms of education and professional experience in the retail industry would afford me with a good opportunity at obtaining the LEED AP certification? Should I pursue? I’m very interested in your thoughts, and any other insight you may generous enough to share.

    Thank you,

    Terry Bettendorf
    Pro Product Merchant – D23 / D25 / D28 / D59
    The Home Depot
    2455 Paces Ferry Road NW, D11
    Atlanta, GA 30339-4024
    (O) 770.433.8211 x82838
    (C) 770.906.5294
    (F) 770.384.2306

  4. Terry,

    I don’t see how it could hurt to study for and pass the LEEP AP exam. The process of studying will likely introduce you to several new aspects of sustainable construction. Check out the blog posting on “How I Passed the LEEP AP V2.2 Exam” for details on how I prepared for the exam.

    Good Luck,

  5. Salar Royaei Says:

    How long did you study to pass? Is one month enough time to get soak up the information?

  6. […] Update – A posting from one C-School Blog Reader on how he passed the LEED AP V2.2 Exam Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)High Score on LEED AP Exam Posted by Michael […]

  7. Lynze Milne Says:

    I was wondering for the NC Reference Guide v2.2, how important is the “background reading” for the test?


  8. ooopinionsss Says:

    How you think when the economic crisis will end? I wish to make statistics of independent opinions!

  9. Catrina Says:

    Use CleanEdison.Com .

    Apparently if you have already passed the test you have an option to upgrade so to speak.
    I am schedule for next week but my friend has helped me with studying and says with this resource its
    fairly easy . I will be attending the courses next week which will definitely help me pass.
    Clean Edison Training Centers is a great resource. I might sign up for private tutoring depending
    on how the course if I dont pass I can retake it free of charge..

  10. Hank Spivey Says:

    I bought the book, downloaded a copy of the Colorado Practice Test (there were only about 3 of the questions on the actual test) studied for two days, took the test yesterday and passed. It’s not an intuitive test, just good old fashion rote memorization.

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