C-School Blog Reaches First Anniversary


As of November 26, 2007, this blog reached the first anniversary of its initial posting. I was surprised that this blog has been viewed over 25,000 times since its inception with the most popular postings on the topics of construction school rankings and LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

I started this blog as a way to share information that I gathered from several sources on the topic of construction management education. When I started, I wasn’t sure how much time I would be able to devote to the blog; but, I have enjoyed posting from time to time over the past year.

The most enjoyable parts of the entire experience are the comments from the readers which ranged from a late career professional that was looking to switch careers into the construction industry to several students looking for information on construction management programs. I also received a good bit of feedback regarding my c-school rankings.

Please keep the comments coming.

– Mike


4 Responses to “C-School Blog Reaches First Anniversary”

  1. Ehson Says:

    Hello Mike,

    Just found your site and wanted to say great job and happy aniversary! There is a lot of information here that has been very helpful. I was wondering for the second year of this blog if you were thinking about posting a ranking for Masters programs in Construction Management. I am currently looking for a solid masters program and was having a hard time finding out which programs where worth looking at. Have your heard anything about NYU’s program?

    This is the link http://www.scps.nyu.edu/areas-of-study/real-estate/graduate-programs/ms-construction-management/

    Thanks for the great site!


  2. Ehson,

    Thanks for your posting. NYU’s Program looks to be top notch – I really like the “real world” construction focus that the program appears to have.

    The only downside I could see is the cost of tuition which is rather high; but, quality education costs quite a bit of money these days.

    One last word of advice – I would put the most emphasis on selecting a construction management program in the geographic area where you want to begin your career rather than searching for the program with the “best” reputation nationwide.

    Good luck with everything,
    – Mike

  3. constructionmanagementeducationonline Says:

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    Please check and comment on this new blog

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