The Best Industry in the United States


The title of this blog posting was taken from an article found at The Construction Contractor’s Digest. The article is written by Matt Stevens who is a construction consultant in Florida. A brief exerpt of the article can be found below and the entire article and Matt’s blog (which has been around since 2004 according to his archives section) is at:

“The Best Industry in the United States” at “The Construction Contractor’s Digest” Blog

“The Best Industry in the United States

My child is in college. She is starting to ask about industries and careers. Olivia has made me think further about what construction contracting has to offer her. I have concluded it is the best career a young person could choose. You may not believe it, but the facts will show our business is unmatched. It offers participants long term tangible benefits. However, many people will argue that point. Let me show you the many virtues our industry has. You be the judge.”


2 Responses to “The Best Industry in the United States”

  1. Matt Stevens Says:

    Michael, Thank you for the inclusion on your blog. Hope all continues to go very well.


    Matt Stevens
    Author of McGraw Hill’s new book, Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day.

  2. Clay Says:

    Thanks for promoting this information.

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