westerncarolina.jpgI came across a new blog by Dr. Bradford Sims who is the Department Head of the Construction Management Program at Western Carolina University. The initial postings on this blog provide a great introduction to “Construction Management as a College Major”.

A link to the blog can be found at: Blog

A little more information on Dr. Sims can be found below (this write-up was taken from the blog link above):
“[Dr. Sims has] either worked in or in support of the Construction Industry since receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University’s Building Construction Program in May of 1990. Dr. Sims is an Associate Professor and the Construction Management Department Head in the Kimmel School of Construction Management & Technology at Western Carolina University. He is the founder of WCU’s Construction Management undergraduate and online Master of Construction Management programs. Dr. Sims and Dr. Capano were also the faculty that attracted a $10.4 million endowment from Joe Kimmel in fall 2005. Prior to joining the leadership team at Western Carolina, Dr. Sims was on a leave of absence from the University of Florida’s Building Construction Program working in The Netherlands for the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building Construction (CIB) as their Assistant Secretary General. There he was involved with organizations from all over the world and would travel to support over 50 commissions of experts performing research into all aspects of building and construction.”


2 Responses to “ Blog”

  1. Your Construction Management Program are good.Also, I have more information on Construction Management Program.
    Thank You.

  2. Dr. Bradford Sims had given very useful information. I have more information of Construction Management Program .

    Thank You.

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