The title of this blog posting was taken from an article found at The Construction Contractor’s Digest. The article is written by Matt Stevens who is a construction consultant in Florida. A brief exerpt of the article can be found below and the entire article and Matt’s blog (which has been around since 2004 according to his archives section) is at:

“The Best Industry in the United States” at “The Construction Contractor’s Digest” Blog

“The Best Industry in the United States

My child is in college. She is starting to ask about industries and careers. Olivia has made me think further about what construction contracting has to offer her. I have concluded it is the best career a young person could choose. You may not believe it, but the facts will show our business is unmatched. It offers participants long term tangible benefits. However, many people will argue that point. Let me show you the many virtues our industry has. You be the judge.”


westerncarolina.jpgI came across a new blog by Dr. Bradford Sims who is the Department Head of the Construction Management Program at Western Carolina University. The initial postings on this blog provide a great introduction to “Construction Management as a College Major”.

A link to the blog can be found at: Blog

A little more information on Dr. Sims can be found below (this write-up was taken from the blog link above):
“[Dr. Sims has] either worked in or in support of the Construction Industry since receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University’s Building Construction Program in May of 1990. Dr. Sims is an Associate Professor and the Construction Management Department Head in the Kimmel School of Construction Management & Technology at Western Carolina University. He is the founder of WCU’s Construction Management undergraduate and online Master of Construction Management programs. Dr. Sims and Dr. Capano were also the faculty that attracted a $10.4 million endowment from Joe Kimmel in fall 2005. Prior to joining the leadership team at Western Carolina, Dr. Sims was on a leave of absence from the University of Florida’s Building Construction Program working in The Netherlands for the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building Construction (CIB) as their Assistant Secretary General. There he was involved with organizations from all over the world and would travel to support over 50 commissions of experts performing research into all aspects of building and construction.”

ACE Mentor LogoThose of you that follow this blog are familiar with the ACE Mentor Program that connects high school students interested in architecture, construction, and engineering with industry professionals that serve as mentors.

Our Peninsula One Team within the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has started a new year with a new group of students and we will be keeping a blog to chronicle our activities from week to week. Check out the link at:

ACE Mentor Program – Peninsula One Team