ACE Mentoring in Connecticut


ace-logo.jpgCheck out the article, “Pupils learn architecture’s fine points by Melvin Mason” which covers an ACE Mentoring group in Connecticut. A brief excerpt can be found below:

Shawn Lahey can see himself working on great homes some day in the future. If his advisers with the ACE Mentor Program have anything to say, he’ll be doing just that.

Two dozen high school students from Shelton and Trumbull are learning the finer points of architecture, construction and engineering, or ACE, through the program that aims to get high school students interested in architecture and related fields.

ACE mentors are local architects, interior designers, construction managers and other professionals who work with students considering a career in those fields.

Mike DeAngelis, director of the Shelton-area ACE chapter, said architecture and construction-fields need new people. In about 10 years, those fields will have about 10,000 jobs available, he said.

“They might want to be a mason, an electrician, an engineer,” he said. “We’re trying to get these kids involved.”


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