Boise State’s Student Construction Management Association Sponsors Permanent Lecturer Position


boisestate_logo_2003.gifMany construction management programs across the nation are growing and one of the factors restricting the growth of the programs is finding qualified instructors for the coursework. The students of Boise State’s construction program decided to do something about this problem by donating some of the funds from their student Construction Management Association back to the university. Check out the article here and the excerpt below:

Members of the university’s Construction Management Association (CMA) recently presented a check to President Bob Kustra; the funds will go into an account to establish a new, permanent lecturer position in the Department of Construction Management in Boise State’s College of Engineering.

They could have thrown a party, bought club jackets and still had enough cash to charter a plane to the Bahamas. Instead, construction management students decided to give $20,000 in donations their association has received over the years back to the university.

“We recognize the need for new faculty in our growing department. I hope this donation shows that we care about the education of students who come after us,” senior construction management student and outgoing CMA president Joshua Martin said.

Kustra praised the students for establishing the habit of giving back so early in their careers.

“This group is setting a model for what student associations can accomplish,” Kustra said.

BSU student CMA donates $20,000 back to university


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