Construction Project Managers Needed


The following clips are taken from the article, “Firms get more family friendly” from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

Keith Myers of the Young Group was in a jam.

His St. Louis-based company had a $3 million subcontracting job on two 615-megawatt coal-fired power plants that Bechtel Corp. is building in Racine, Wis. — and no one to ramrod it.


Myers had a hard time filling the project manager slot for the Bechtel job. He was offering $75 an hour, with no benefits, and couldn’t find anyone who fit the bill and wanted to move to Wisconsin for several months in the winter.


But with baby boomer managers retiring every day, officials like Mark Schnoebelen, vice president of Kansas City-based Massman Construction Co., which specializes in building bridges and locks and dams, are looking ahead to see how they can attract more young people.

“We can buy new equipment,” Schnoebelen said. “People are the issue. You have to have people you can trust.”

To that end, Massman, recruits at more than double the number of colleges and universities offering civil engineering degrees than it did a few years ago.

Moreover, Schnoebelen said, Massman, like many other construction companies, recruits college interns in hopes of grooming them for a permanent job.

“This summer, we’ll have two sophomores and two juniors,” he said. “We pay them $3,000 a month.”

Massman also has an employee incentive program that pays a bonus in the “low thousands” for anyone who recommends a permanent hire who works out for at least six months.

“This is great work,” Schnoebelen said. “There’s so much variety to it. One day, you’re in a coat and tie and meeting with the owner. The next day, you’re knee-deep in mud.”

The average starting salary for a graduate of University of Central Missouri’s program, one of 60 accredited programs in the United States, is $48,000 a year, with the range from $38,000 to $56,000, Schache said.

“Firms get more family friendly” from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:


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