How to write a resume that leads to an interview


The main readers of the C-School Blog are construction management students and construction industry professionals that are looking for construction management opportunities in academia – both of these groups can benefit from the the following post on resume writing. This post is from “Rands in Repose” and is geared towards the tech field; but, many of the observations hold true for the construction industry. The introduction to the posting can be found below:

You’ve got 30 seconds – A Glimpse and a Hook

The terrifying reality regarding your resume is that for all the many hours you put into fine-tuning, you’ve got 30 seconds to make an impression on me. Maybe less.

It’s unfair, it’s imprecise, and there’s a good chance that I make horrible mistakes, but there’s a lot more of you than me, and while hiring phenomenal teams is the most important thing I do, I’m balancing that task with the fact that I need to build product and manage the endless stream of people walking into my office.

A Glimpse and Hook – Full Post


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