BYU Performs Well at Student Competitions on Both Coasts


BYUPer the article entitled, BYU Construction Management Wins in East and West” BYU’s CM Program has had a busy and productive student competition season. A portion of the article can be found below:

Construction management students went to two competitions this month: The Associate School of Construction [ASC] regional student competition in Reno, Nev., and the International Home Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla.

Eight teams were entered in the ASC competition. Students were given 17 hours to formulate a plan and solve the problem presented.

“Honestly, those 18 hours are like a condensed semester. You apply all the classes that you’ve ever had and all the ones you’ve yet to take to try and come up with a solution,” said Nick Zent, the design-build team captain, majoring in construction management.

Four BYU teams received 1st place – two national and two regional championships. Two teams received 2nd place.

“It’s special when 700 students with over 1,100 potential employers hear BYU win championship after championship,” said Adam McKinnon, a senior from Orlando, Fla., majoring in construction management. “This is the best we have ever done in these competitions and these competitions are what give us the reputation of being a great program.”


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