ACE Mentor Program in Portland


ace-logo.jpgCheck out the article entitled “Mentoring program helps teens engineering careers” as it highlights the ACE Mentoring Program in Portland. The first section of this article by Lauren Rubin at The Oregonian can be found below:

“As a junior at Jefferson High School in North Portland, Amin Tuffa is a long way from his home in Africa. But as a participant in the ACE Mentor Program, Tuffa is one step closer to realizing his dream of becoming a civil engineer.

“I come from Ethiopia, where they don’t have enough roads, buildings or towns,” said Tuffa, 17, who has wanted to be an engineer since he was 5. “But now I have the opportunity to realize my dream, and I will take what I learn back to Africa. To be with these people is a big deal.”

“These people” to whom Tuffa refers are the 28 architects, construction managers and engineers who have volunteered, through the ACE Mentor Program to coach 30 Portland juniors and seniors interested in careers in these fields.

“It’s giving students a taste of how professions manifest in the real world,” said Michelle Anderson, the Oregon coordinator for ACE, whose first Portland chapter opened in January, with Ed Dean of Nishkian Dean as its board chair.”


One Response to “ACE Mentor Program in Portland”

  1. Ms. V Says:

    I have the privilege of having Amin in class. He surprises even me, a veteran teacher who has “seen it all” with the depth of his work ethic and scholarship. Every single day, he brings intensity and desire to his work.

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