Iowa State University offers 100% online Construction Engineering and Management Masters Degree


ISUAccording to Iowa State’s Engineering Distance Education Website:

“Iowa State University’s 100% online Construction Engineering and Management Masters Degree provides a unique blend of technical and managerial education that will help you solve problems and compete in the ever-changing construction environment.  Iowa State’s Construction Engineering and Management program has been recognized by The Associated General Contractors of America; one of only four schools in the U.S. to receive such an honor and be promoted by the AGC.

The program focuses on three components that represent the three functional areas of construction engineering and management:

  • Management Techniques
  • Construction Operations
  • Construction Methods

Students may join the program at the beginning of any semester and may take graduate courses in any order at a pace that suits their needs.  Classes are delivered online by digital video streaming.  Students may choose the day, time and location to observe the class lectures allowing for maximum flexibility.”


12 Responses to “Iowa State University offers 100% online Construction Engineering and Management Masters Degree”

  1. im a civil engineering graduate in india . now currently working in a construction industry namely sobha developers ,
    i would like to complete my higher education in construction management while i work ( so that i can get both the pratical and tecnical experince)
    i would liek to know about the online course offered on construction management and the fee structure for the course .
    i would be happy if u can mail me back with the information at
    mobile number :+91-09880035800

    thanking you

  2. Arjun,

    You can find more information about applying at the following links:

    Fee information can be found at the following link:

    Good luck with the application process.

    – Michael Nelson

  3. Mike Z Says:

    I have a BS in Construction Management from a small school in Texas called Sam Houston State and have been researching online masters programs. What I found is that there is a limited amount of programs, probably because undergraduate programs have just recently become the standard in our industry. I have found four (4) programs that your readers might find interesting.

    The first is the University of Florida – MS International Construction. While not ideal for me, due to the fact that I will probably never leave the US may be helpful for Arjun Kumar, the gentleman in India.

    The second is Western Carolina – MS Construction Management. This seems to be the best fit for those students who are looking for an inexpensive route and may not have the best credentials. This program is up and coming and may be the school I finally choose.

    Next is the University of Washington – MS Construction Management. This program is the most prestigious by name and history; however, it also comes with the price tag. It is attractive to me because the program is Heavy Construction based. I work for a commercial construction company however we are so big that we can dabble in every facet of construction. With the tragedy that occurred in Minneapolis a lot of Departments of Transportation will be scrutinizing there Roads and Bridges. This means that Heavy Construction may be the wave of the Future (not to mention LEED/Green).

    I am leaning toward East Carolina University’s MS in Construction Management. They are reasonably priced, however they are more stringent on whom they allow in. You must have a BS in Construction, a decent undergraduate GPA, and a minimum 3 years construction industry experience (after you receive your undergraduate degree).

    Currently I have close to six (6) years experience however I just recently graduated from college last year. Those of you who have construction degrees may want to look into MBA with a Construction emphasis or even Industrial Technology degrees, which would put emphasis on Safety and Management of construction projects.

    I hope this information is helpful to anyone looking for an online program.

  4. HERMAN Says:

    hi Arjun

    I’m in the same position as you, as a construction professional looking to expand my education while still being employed, I came across the on line program at USC in construction management and construction engineering. Here in Canada the construction management education has not been fully developed as it has in the US. To the dismay of the industry. I had to travel south of the border to get my degree in construction management. I plan to eventually teach what I learned to the next generation of construction managers, so did some research on program that allow us to further our education while maintainig our jobs. Iowa State University has a very good program on line in construction management. I have applied to it hoping to get in for fall of this year. I also researched the programs at western and eastern carolina and they seem good and reasonably priced.
    If you are looking at prestige and have money to spend look at USC or Iowa state.

    hope this helps please find the link to USC’s program

    Good luck on your search and keep us posted.

  5. Johnny D Says:

    The Western Carolina University MCM program seems to be a good program but, is not a true to form construction management program; more of a hybrid program. Your first year courses have very little to do with construction management, more standard PMI project management based. The first year courses are taught by instructors in the school of business who head up WCU’s Master of Project Management online program. The second year is construction management based and all courses are taught by construction management instructors. If price is an issue then this is a good program for the money but, if you are looking for a focused construction management program and can afford to spend a bit more then I recommed looking into some of the above programs others have mentioned.

  6. Joe Says:

    Hello everybody I am currently in the construction management field. I am looking to get a BS in Construction Management. I am having trouble finding a degree program that is 100% online and is credible. Does anybody know of any schools that might help me.


  7. GraceB Says:

    this is great site i got to know different schools and good info. i’ve been looking for CM degree (master or certificate degree) for while. combination of full time job and project schedule don’t give me much time to study GRE. i’ve been checking Stevens Institute Tech (NJ) does anyone know about this school?
    either way if i take online course I have to pay out of state tuition. somehow i found this school and i don’t seem to find review or rating. it would be nice if you hear about this school or other 100% online school that offers CM course.


  8. Doug Says:


    Im from New Jersey and looking to get back into construction. Stevens is a very reputable school here, and if I can get accepted, would jump at the opportunity

  9. Larriesha hill Says:

    hi how are you doing im ajr in high school i attend construction caree center and im looking for a good college far away from saint louis so im just look at you r website and it siund nice!!

  10. Herman Durazno Says:

    Hi Guys

    For those of you looking at a true Master of Science In Construction Management please visit the link Below:

    North Dakota State University’s College of Engineering and Architecture offers a MS degree online in construction Management the course are very much construction related and are more than affordable.

    Great for many of us who already work more than 10 hours running jobs.

    I’m currently enrolled and already feel it as a benefit to my current and future career in construction.


  11. Mark Says:

    What is the difference between a Construction Engineer vs a Civil Egineer vs an Archetechual Engineer?

  12. Yes! Finally someone writes about online graduate degrees.

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