What are the differences between a construction engineer and a civil engineer?


ISUFor those readers of this blog that are debating whether to pursue a construction engineering degree or a civil engineering degree, you might enjoy the excerpt below from the Go! exploring the world of transportation website by Michele Regenold:

                                                                                                                           “So what’s the difference between civil and construction engineering?

Basically, civil engineers design and construction engineers build.

Professor of Civil Engineering Reg Souleyrette says, “The way you design a highway curve to meet physical limitations of driver and vehicle is civil engineering. The way you schedule contractors and use technology to control equipment and construct the curve is construction engineering.”

Professor-in-Charge of Construction Engineering Chuck Jahren says, “Construction engineers have to visualize how things will be built—build it in their minds.”

Construction engineering deals with how to get things done. Students in this major are interested in watching things get built. They get in the field and work with the people actually doing the construction.”


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