Florida International University – Online Construction Courses


fiugoldenpanthers.JPGFlorida International University (#4 ranked program according to the C-School Blog Rankings) has published the following list of online construction courses that will be available in the Spring of 2007:

Spring 2007 Graduate Online Course Schedule

BCN 5626 Construction Cost Analysis and Control (Dr. Jose Faria)
Description of different types of estimating techniques in relation to different stages in a construction project. Productivity analysis, measurement of progress, and techniques of cost control are covered.

BCN 6642 Value Engineering in Construction (Dr. Yimin Zhu)
Relationship of costs to time and life cycle of construction projects, and methods to improve the economic value of construction projects.

BCN 6775 Decision and Risk Analysis in Construction (Dr. Syed Ahmed)
Techniques of decision analysis for the medium to top-level management personnel in the construction industry. Typical construction related problems that involve risk and uncertainty are studied.

BCN 6785 Adv Estimating and Bidding Strategy (Ms. Betty Bezos)
Application of computer software. Rigorous exercises in construction estimating. Cost information related to construction with applications in current practice.

BCN 6916 Developments in Construction Technologies (Dr. M. Emre Bayraktar)
Study of advanced field techniques and emerging uses worldwide. Information flow and creativity are highlighted as crucial elements which stimulate new developments.

Refer to the following link for more information: FIU Online Construction Courses


5 Responses to “Florida International University – Online Construction Courses”

  1. ELIAS ONIHA Says:

    I have an MBA in finance but would like to have another degree in construction management. Please send me detail information with respect to the program requirements. My address is 2029 Channing Drive, Conyers Georgia 30094


    i need to study of estimating of cost cource

  3. mazen Says:

    I have a Bsc. in electrical and computer engineering. I am interested in construction management master’s degree

  4. mazen Says:

    I have a Bsc. in electrical and computer engineering. I am interested in construction management master’s degree
    e-mail address mazen.queisi@hotmail.com

  5. DEBASISH Says:

    I am B.Tech in Civil Engineering. I am interested to do Masters in Construction Management.

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