LSU Construction Management Program Growing to Support Increased Demand


lsutigers.jpgCheck out this great article by Steve Clark entitled, “State and national building surge pushes LSU construction management program to grow

The following exerpt from the article outlines an innovative way that LSU is addressing the shortage of teaching professionals:

“To make ends meet faculty-wise, the department not long ago introduced a “professional in residence” program, a three-year term Rosso likens to a “glorified instructorship,” though in this case the “instructor,” who’s free to re-up after the third year, is required to have a master’s degree and at least 10 years of experience in the industry.

“It’s kind of the industry’s answer to a sabbatical,” he says.

“It fills the gaps.”Professionals in residence enhance the program’s teaching pool, composed of full-time and adjunct faculty and part-time instructors, says Rosso, who has taught construction management at LSU since 1980. The department has grown from four full-time faculty members in the mid-1980s to 12 full-timers today, in addition to several other part-time, adjunct and professional members of the teaching staff. “


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