What does a Construction Manager / Engineer do?


purdueboilermakers.jpgOne of the target audiences for this blog is high school students who are looking into the possibility of pursuing college level construction studies. The following excerpt from the Purdue – College of Engineering Website provides a great overview of what a student can expect in a construction management / engineering career:

“Construction engineers design, build, and maintain the infrastructure of our world. The tools of the trade for today’s successful construction engineer include the following: strong math, science, and computer skills; creativity; an aptitude for applying science and engineering methods to solve problems; a love of building structures such as bridges, airports, buildings, dams, and highways; an interest in working indoors and outdoors; initiative and a strong work ethic; the ability to collaborate with diverse people; good communications skills; and a desire to learn in a constantly changing environment. [Many] students complete three 12-week internships, usually during the summer and away from home. They work as paid employees of construction contractors and perform increasingly responsible duties in field operations, office operations, and project management.

Career Opportunities

  • Planning and overseeing the construction operations of a project

  • Checking and modifying plans and specifications for constructability, efficiency, and safety

  • Developing cost estimates and preparing bids

  • Managing subcontractor firms

  • Working with the owner to ensure that the project meets requirements”


3 Responses to “What does a Construction Manager / Engineer do?”

  1. Eduardo Garcia Says:

    Very helpful, thank you

  2. Heather_Nicole_Yo! Says:

    OMGG!!!Thankk You!! I Had One Day To Write An Essay Of Why I Want To Be A Construction Manager And This Helped So Much!!

    Mucho Appreciated!!

    Thanks Again;;

  3. marc ramsey Says:

    I have 7 years of experiance n pipe welding… Lookin 2 further my education in the construction industry. Still working at the time. Lookin for ways to get into construction management while working. Like online classes or something… If u have any answers please let me know. Thanks…

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