Kimmel Scholarships for Construction Students


Kimmel & Associates, a construction executive recruiting firm, offers numerous scholarships to students pursuing construction careers. The magnitude of Kimmel & Associates’ generosity is truly impressive. Check out the article below, taken from a recent email newsletter provided by the firm – this newsletter includes a link to apply for the scholarships:

In 2004, the leadership at Kimmel & Associates began the Scholarship for Students in Constructionas a means to encourage college students to consider construction as a career. Since the Fall 2004 semester, Kimmel & Associates, the leading executive search firm in the construction industry, has given 179 scholarships to students at 75 different colleges and universities located in 34 states, from Washington to Florida and from Massachusetts to California.

Says Charlie Kimmel, the Chief Operating Officer at Kimmel & Associates, we want to serve our clients every way we can, and helping attract young people to construction, and supporting their efforts once they’re preparing for construction while in college, seemed like a great way to commit to a healthy future for the industry.

Kimmel & Associates is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2007 semester award and will take them until May 15, 2007. The application is accessible via the construction homepage of and can be completed online or printed and mailed back in.

As the number of applicants has increased each semester, the requirements have become slightly more stringent. An applicant now must have a construction professional call in a reference for the applicant, providing a very brief testimonial to the applicant’s talent and commitment to the construction industry.

Those who receive this round of the $1000 award will have the money put directly into their college account in time to defray costs for the Spring 2007 semester. Please visit the construction pages of and read further about the Scholarship for Students in Construction.

With college tuition costs escalating rapidly at nearly all schools, additional financial assistance is critical to students. If you know of any other c-school scholarships available, please post them in the comments section below.


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