Ranking the Top Construction Schools


One of the primary interests driving this blog is to determine how construction management and engineering undergraduate programs stack up against one another; in other words, which programs are the best at producing students that are ready to contribute from their first day on the job. My true goal would be to find out which construction school graduates are most highly regarded by the employers and recruiters in a particular region. Much more to come on this topic…just wanted to introduce the topic and invite any comments on this issue.

12DE06 Update: Refer to the posting entitled. “Inaugural Ranking of the Top Undergraduate Construction Schools” rankings.


15 Responses to “Ranking the Top Construction Schools”

  1. Kenny Says:

    Great site, thanks for the info!

  2. Jack Gerber Says:

    Thanks for posting all the great info… Do you have any info on the top graduate programs in construction management or is any programs are putting a sustainable/green emphasis on their classes?

  3. Justin Ripkin Says:

    I am in the hunt to find such a ranking as well. If I find anything I will be sure to post. However, I am finding it difficult to find such information.

  4. Nathan Voth Says:

    Ditto. As an architect-in-training, I’ve been looking for construction management grad school rankings for the past several years. One school told me they were in the top 3… but I have no idea where this ranking came from. I’d be very interested to find out what the “best” programs are, what they focus on, where do companies recruit, etc? There are so many programs out there, so it is hard to narrow it down, as I’m really willing to go anywhere as long as the education is top-notch. What I’m looking for: project AND business management, BIM, sustainability, integrated project delivery, and going to a program that really increases my marketability.

  5. George Says:

    I am an undergrad student currently in Georgia Tech. I grew up and lived most of my life in Miami, Fl (all of my family still lives there).
    I attended Florida International University and took roughly 86 credits towards my degree at their Construction Management program. I now have moved with my wife to Atlanta, GA (economical reasons) – and therefore enrolled in Georgia Tech to finish my degree.
    I noticed the FIU ranked #4 and GA Tech ranked #12. From my experience in FIU compared to my current experience here in GA Tech… I definitely think these rankings should be reversed.
    Over at FIU, too much curve and slack is awarded to non-deserving students. At GA Tech, being a more traditional school with traditional name, the overall educational experience is much stronger and tougher than what I experienced at FIU.

  6. Trevor Says:

    I’m currently a undergrad at Colorado State University in Fort Collins and just this year they started a Pre-CM major that you have to finish certain requirements to qualify to be in the Construction Management program itself. They only accept so many into the program each semester. They are really trying to “weed out” the unqualified and making it more competitive for the students.

  7. Cassey Says:


    Very intrested to see if you have the TOP construction colleges for 2009/2008.

    I work for The Weitz Company and I am doing research on where I should be looking for talent…. thoughts?




  8. MR Says:

    Wentworth is by far the top leading construction management school in the country – located in Boston, MA i graduated least year and landed a job in NYC for 60,000$

  9. Brett Says:

    M.E. Rinker School of Building Construction has been ranked number 1 in the country by every qualified publication for undergrad and graduate every year since 1983. It is also the oldest construction management program followed by Purdue in second and Texas A & M in third. Not only does it have a brand new state-of-the-art facility, but it boasts the largest budget of all the CM schools with the most qualified faculty.

    • Brett – Please provide a link to the rankings that you reference in your posting. I am always interested in learning more about the ranking methodology that others use.

  10. jerad bell Says:

    what about oklahoma state?

  11. J.Kelly Says:

    I have been doing some research on this as well. I am currently looking for a school to attend – so far I have had people tell me the following:
    ASU – Arizona State University – very highly ranked
    U of I – University of Illinois – I know someone who graduated from there a year ago and landed an awesome job as a field engineer in CA making a little over 50K
    Cal Poly SLO – Undoubtedly an amazing school

    Then I have done some additional research – I am hoping to attend Wentworth in BOSTON, MA – Alittle pricey, but 75% of their students recieve financial aid and it is 5 min from Fenway Stadium.. 🙂

    I am also going to look into Central Connecticut University – the student reviews were about a B-, which is always good.

  12. Drew Patrick Says:

    I’m currently a student at the University of Tennessee, and am thinking on persuing a career in construction management.UT offers civil engineering, but has no CM program. The three instate schools that have CM Programs are MTSU, ETSU and UTC, which of these is of the best value in a CM career, or would staying put at UT for civil engineering be the wisest choice for a successsfull CM Career? Thanks for your help.

    • Lewis Says:

      East Carolina University is a great university.

      For how much the initial cost of the degree was compared to the experiences i’m getting after graduating is phenomenal.

      I paid a total of 18k for school. Working 30 hrs while enrolled full time.

      Hired on with a company making 50+ thousand annually.

      Worth it for sure.

  13. Brian Says:

    Auburn University has one of the top Construction Management Schools in the country. Auburn’s Architecture School, which is integrated with the School of Building Science, was ranked #2 in the nation in 2009.

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